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Aug 3, 2021 - Oct 29, 2021

Digital Enterprise Training

  • 88Days
  • 23Steps
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Training Description Our current training program offers growth opportunities to up-and-coming media professionals, theologians/ministers (who wish to grow a televised ministry), digital entrepreneurs, and young entertainers. They get to work with thought leaders in different industries, access to digital enterprising, and opportunities to earn (based on performance). For e.g. Let’s say we have an intern who does work that one of our clients likes, we will make a proposal to that client, like we have done for our network members, to hire that intern. That intern now has the opportunity to join the network where we will then work with the intern to design a business around that service. However, we only recommend this to interns who have the desire to start a business, our network is a business owners’ network. Management Team: Keith Marrett, Managing Director Racquel Reece, Executive Producer Marsha Jarrett, Manager Reporting: All interns report to the Station Manager ELIGIBILITY: Third to fourth-year university students Recent graduates ( no more than 1-2 years) Final Year trade school students Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA (or advanced in the specialized skilled area). An official transcript may be required upon request. Dates Fall (September, October, November) Summer (June, July, August) Spring (March April, May) Winter (December, January, February)

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