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UMERADIO Sponsors and Advertisers

UMERADIO is a 100% community-funded online radio. DONATE TO UMERADIO


We create and distribute content across our media portfolio, offering integrated marketing, media and business services to customers and advertisers, including digital solutions, performance and advertising opportunities. Our brands are committed to inspiring and empower families.


Enhancing clients' work satisfaction through the discovery of their Authentic Vocation. Promoting a win-win balance of work/life priorities, using the desired states of both individual and organization as benchmarks.  Working with people who are ready, ready to build a legacy, establish a brand and own your labor.


BusinessTRI is an empowerment tool to help faith-based pros build a business around their ministry.  Introducing BusinessTRI, a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together the most talented and driven faith-based professionals in the industry.


Through Shop 'N Travel, you can become an official Amazon Affiliate and have your own E-Commerce website or become an official Inteletravel Independent Travel Agent and build your own travel business. And if your only desire is to shop and travel, you too are welcome! Shop from millions of products or book your travel experience with us. Visit to book your next travel.

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