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African countries unite to build resilient food systems {Business Africa}

October 4, 2021

Africa remains a net food importer, meaning that its food import bill is higher than its food export revenues .According to the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI), 282 million people went hungry in Africa in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic effects could exacerbate the hunger situation on the continent and globally.

In the following story, we explore conversations on developing Africa’s food systems. On this episode, Jennifer Baarn, the new Director of the African Green Revolution Forum spoke on strategies to employ in building sustainable food systems on the continent.

- African chefs spice up Street Food Festival -

African culinary art has found its way to the heart of French food capital, Lyon.

At this year’s street food festival, some twenty chefs from five African regions represented the continent, inciting and showing off the African culinary culture, a taste of what it feels like back home. Would the African stands incite the European visitors to the continent ?The details in the video above.

- Ghana receives favorable credit rating -

Two Credit Rating Agencies affirmed Ghana’s Credit Rating at B3 and B- respectively. Moody’s and (S&P) credit rating agencies considered Ghana’s improving growth prospects, resilient external sector performance, and continued access to the capital markets as essential factors in maintaining the rating and the outlook.


September 23, 2021

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