Don't just buy brands, become a brand!

For a lot of us, purchasing a brand is the norm and owning one is an improbable, out of my pocket's reach and wild idea. Establishing a brand should be a mindful thought for everybody.

What is a brand?

A brand name is an expression of function. It is the way through which one can express purpose and earn from it in a genuine and lucrative way.

To do this successfully, one has to actually be motivated, authentic, prepared and willing.

Constructing a brand requires THREE things!

Three things:

  1. Determining a PROBLEM for which you are ready to supply a solution,

  2. Access to set-up INVESTMENT; and

  3. Enrollment into a network to link with PEOPLE who want to dedicate time to your success.

Here are the leading THREE ways your habits is ruining your brand:

ONE. You are more money focus than you are option driven. Success requires pleasing others first, and fixing their problems before thinking of what you can obtain from them. When you have actually made yourself indispensable, the rewards will come. When you are money hungry, you can not hear the client or see their requirements. You become blinded even in negotiations. Your own issues take precedence even in conversations where they don't belong. You are limited by your view. And you appear undependable. Your fear of not making money blindsides you and that enhances poor habits such as an attitude problem towards the job, unimpressive work, poor communication and an absence of compassion towards your paying customer. For that reason, a me-centered habit will encourage your consumer that they are not your priority.

TWO. You are barely there. When you walked into that store, the very first time you experienced poor client service, and that attendant made you feel unimportant due to the fact that they thought your investment was too small for their service; kinda like that scene in Pretty Woman (the movie) where the store clerk snubbed Julia Roberts ... " Big Mistake, HUGE!" Jim Rohn in one of his popular speeches kept in mind that his tipping practices never ever altered when he became wealthy, due to the fact that he constantly tipped with a rich frame of mind. Service is important to attaining success. How you serve others will determine their level of security in buying from you. For that reason, a lackluster behavior will only leave you with a long work history, not a legacy.

THREE. Misappropriation of accountability. We carried out a research and asked the question, What three issues do you wake up worrying or thinking about? An answer from one of the respondents was, "I don't have problems", after which the participant went on to lament, "My job doesn't pay me enough for me to pay my bills." As I heard it the word poverty came to the forefront of my mind. This is how poverty is conceived. You are being contracted to provide a service, unless otherwise worked out and agreed upon, your employer contracts and pays you for a service. How you invest that earnings is totally down to you. Your employer does not employ you so that your expenses can be paid. You do work to pay your expenses, and this might require multiple contracts with various companies in order to make your preferred earnings based upon your financial needs. Your customers and consumers are not accountable for your well-being. Ungracious habits distracts you from seeing existing growth opportunities.

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