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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Who Is An Entrepreneur?

Success Coach and serial entrepreneur since 2009, Coach Racquel asks the question and shares her top 10 qualities of an entrepreneur in her new blog... very interesting read.

An Entrepreneur, yes, with a capital 'E'. An Entrepreneur is a risen leader who will bring about advancement within his community, society and world. Although many times misunderstood, undervalued and neglected, Entrepreneurs solve problems we didn't know that we had, or foresaw coming. An Entrepreneur is a leader.

Entrepreneurs are starters, doers, carriers of vision, builders of dreams, generators and initiators. Entrepreneurs endure the pain of bringing about new solutions and remedies.


ONE. An Entrepreneur is equipped with an inner motivator. He or she is self driven and no one needs to usher them into action. He or she is proactive.

TWO. An Entrepreneur is a creator. Building, molding, forming and creating a new prospective tool is a constant thought and action for entrepreneurs.

THREE. An Entrepreneur is a problem solver. Entrepreneurs appreciate and value problems. They know these are new opportunities to create and bring about value for people.

Read full feature for the additional seven (7) qualities.

If you are interested in learning more about stepping into your Entrepreneur brand, register today for Entrepreneurs Aloud at

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