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Gov. Hochul Signs Legislation Establishing Angelina Liu as Genetic Child of Detective Wenjian Liu

October 11, 2021

Governor Kathy Hochul today signed legislation (S.4350-A/A.7028) establishing Angelina Liu as the genetic child and distributee of Detective Wenjian Liu for the purposes of estates, powers and trusts law.

"The case of Angelina and Wenjian Liu is an extraordinary one for which special considerations are necessary,"

Governor Hochul said.

"I am proud to ensure that Angelina Liu receives the benefits she is entitled to, and I hope with the signing of this legislation that Angelina and her family are able to remember Detective Liu in peace."

On December 20, 2014, NYPD Detective Wenjian Liu was murdered in his vehicle while on duty. Through the use of in-vitro fertilization, Detective Liu's wife, Pei Xia Chen, gave birth to their daughter, Angelina, in 2017. In this case, the Social Security Administration considers the child non-marital and refers to state law to determine the child's biological status.

This bill will ensure that Angelina is considered Detective Liu's child for purposes of New York's Estates, Powers and Trusts Law despite the fact that due to the tragic circumstances of his passing, Detective Liu's daughter wouldn't otherwise be considered his child in the eyes of the law.

Legislation S.4350-A/A.7028 will allow Angelina to be properly named an heir of her father so that she may receive the benefits and any other rights and privileges she is entitled to.

Senator Andrew Gounardes said,

"Detective Liu's family suffered an unspeakable loss, made worse by an outdated state law that did not consider his posthumously born-daughter Angelina to be his. I am incredibly proud that we were able to right this wrong and hopefully provide just a small measure of solace to the Liu family. I want to thank Governor Hochul for signing my legislation and honoring the memory of Detective Liu and the tremendous sacrifice he made."

Assembly member Peter Abbate said,

"I want to thank Governor Hochul for signing this bill to ensure Detective Wenjian Liu daughter remembers the sacrifice and service her father made to our community."

New York Pressroom

October 9, 2021

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