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Governor Hochul Announces Completion of Port Jervis Metro-North Railroad Station Transformation

October 4, 2021

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the completion of a project that has transformed the Port Jervis station, making it fully accessible and giving it a more modern feel, as customers continue their return to the railroad.

The top-to-bottom transformation at the West of Hudson terminus station included the construction of a one-car length high-level platform, a concrete ramp leading from the parking lot to the platform, and a new sidewalk.

"Our commuter rail is what keeps the metropolitan region's economy moving forward, which is why we continue to invest in modernizing and expanding the system,"

Governor Hochul said.

"Upgrading our stations like Port Jervis will allow us to continue our comeback from the pandemic and to stay economically competitive in the long term."

Improvements were also made to the existing parking lot to allow easier access onto the platform. The platform canopy was remodeled with a modern wooden ceiling and with sleek station signage. Other upgrades include new benches with USB ports, new LCD kiosk and security cameras to enhance safety at the station.

Additionally, a brand new glass-enclosed passenger shelter was built on the platform, and includes artwork commissioned by MTA Arts & Design, and inspired by Port Jervis' rich history. The artwork titled Boat House Buggy was carefully curated by illustrator and graphic artist, Armando Veve and fabricated by Tom Patti Design. Veve's artwork is the culmination of in-depth research about Port Jervis and showcases prominent symbols, objects, architectural forms, and industries of the city's history.

The glass menagerie of natural and mechanical scenes serve as a vibrant entrance to the station and point of inspiration for visitors and the Port Jervis community.

New York Pressroom

October 4, 2021

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