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How to get engagement in your Facebook group?

For those of you thinking engaging is limited to posting regularly in your group, there’s more. A lot more.

Firstly, you need to interact with your audience as they respond to your content. Ell suggests, “Don’t leave them hanging. You don’t want to make your audience feel like a number. Personal connections go a long way.”

Secondly, you need to be invested. Listen to the conversations going on in your group and participate in them. Moreover, to foster a sense of warmth and welcome, make sure you ban members who don’t share your ideology. It’s okay to get rid of the trouble members. Boss Girl Bloggers doesn’t have a place for them as well.

Ell pointed out,

“I also don’t tolerate members who are rude and disrespectful. That doesn’t add to feeling the sense of community. I don’t hesitate to remove them.”

Thirdly, ask questions. Choose from asking:

  • Debate-centered questions like “do you think the latest Facebook updates are good for business?”

  • Closed questions like “do you like the upcoming Facebook updates?”

  • Open-ended questions such as “how do you plan to tweak your Facebook marketing strategy with the latest Facebook updates?”

  • General questions like “who is your favorite marketing author?”

These types of questions are great for driving engagement. You can also plan questions for market research. For instance, ask your group about what problems they face or what sort of content they’d like to see you from your end.

Ell shares her example, “I’ll ask questions like ’what are you struggling with when it comes to your blog?’ This helps me decide what content I should create next that I know my audience is interested in learning.”

Other forms of engaging content that you can use to grow a Facebook group include:

  • Host AMA or Ask-Me-Anything sessions in your group. You could also choose members from your group and host AMAs with them

  • Share your working process or give an insider, behind-the-scenes (BTS) look into your work

  • Host community discussions at a specified time

  • Use interactive content to host surveys, polls, and quizzes to engage your audience

You can even use video content to engage which is basically the top-performing content type on Facebook currently. The average engagement rate for video posts is 6.01%, whereas, engagement rates for posts with photos, links, and text-based status updates stand at 4.81%, 3.36%, and 2.21% respectively.

You can leverage both regular videos and live ones. For example, create a video sharing X tips on your subject matter such as, ‘5 tips to grow your blog using Pinterest marketing.’ As a plus, direct viewers to your blog by telling them they can get the details on each of these tips in your blog post.

On the other hand, try live videos which Facebook confirms viewers spend three times longer watching than videos that are no longer live.

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