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Jamaica gospel artist cautions fellow countrymen not to be robbed

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Jermaine Gordon, gospel recording artist believes Jamaicans should not allow COVID-19 to rob them of their indomitable and excellent spirit.

"We should dance, celebrate and be happy with each other in our homes for all the Lord has done regardless of the circumstances"

the Jamaican artist cautions.

Gordon who is well known for his popular song, "You are God" which has had over six (6) million views on YouTube, has released a new single from an upcoming album, ‘My Day’ which he warns is an acknowledgement that we have been given 24 hours to make the best and live our best life.

“It is so amazing how as human beings we can alter our day by the words we believe and the pictures we hold in our minds. My golden rule to life is that once you have the right attitude you are powerful beyond your wildest imagination. It is our attitude towards life that shapes and determines life’s attitude towards us.”

Gordon continued.

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For further information fans can check his official website and his YouTube TV.

In closing Gordon notes,

“The whole album is my journey towards becoming the ready bride of Christ–with stories of change,resilience,hope,forgiveness,sincerity,healing, worship and love. It also includes a stirring reminder about hell and the need to avoid sending our souls to hell.”

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