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Job Dissatisfaction: Why Are People Quitting Their Jobs Now More Than Ever?

People are leaving their occupations in quest of more money, flexibility, and hap

piness. Many individuals are rethinking what it means to work, how they are valued, and how they spend their time. It's generating a surge in resignations, with the Labor Department stating that a record four million workers quit in April 2021 alone.

If you’re wondering the major reasons behind people quitting their jobs, here are a few.

Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs

The increasing number of people departing their jobs is due to many factors. Below we outline a few major reasons:

Employees Don’t Have Tools & Training to Achieve Their Goals

People who believe they will not progress because of injustices are more inclined to leave than those who believe they will. Undervalued personnel will seek employment elsewhere rather than fighting a business culture that does not recognize their talents and perspectives.

Managers can help by emphasizing the significance of belonging and inclusiveness. Encourage management to choose one person to serve as a team meeting facilitator. The facilitator's job is to keep the discourse balanced by ensuring that everyone has a chance to speak.

Employees Don’t Want to Remain Stagnant

Employees who don't believe they have a possibility for advancement are more likely to leave their employer, even if they like their position.

Managers should aim to provide frequent opportunities for employees to build new habits and skills to provide on-the-job learning.

Managers might encourage employees to choose a skill they'd want to improve and arrange enrollment in an online bootcamp.

They Want to Be Recognized

Most employees desire a job that takes advantage of their unique skills and qualities.

Managers should be flexible when allocating projects and encourage staff to "job craft," or mold their positions into something more enjoyable, to enable people to invest in their unique skills.

Lack of recognition is one of the biggest reasons people quit their jobs. This is especially true for long-term employees, who are more likely to be bored with their existing jobs and receptive to new experiences.

It’s Important to Have a Feeling of Purpose

It's difficult for people to stay in a job or be productive if they don't believe their work counts. Employees who don't believe their work makes a major contribution to the company's mission are more likely to depart.

Managers can increase purpose by connecting the dots between people's daily tasks and the company's larger aim. Managers can communicate how each individual's project fits into the wider picture and how their efforts will positively impact the lives of others when assigning duties.

Many successful organizations conduct one-on-one sessions religiously to understand how the employee perceives the company and where they see their future with the company. Ultimately, this activity can provide a sense of purpose to the employee and make them want to grow in their position.

People Desire Clear Objectives and Flexibility

A sense of progress is crucial when circumstances seem beyond our control, such as a never-ending pandemic, climate change, or economic uncertainty. People who do not believe they have clear, attainable goals are more likely to leave their company than those who consistently achieve big milestones.

Managers can help employees cope with uncertainty by giving clear, time-bound performance indicators. As the saying goes, you aren’t able to manage what you can't measure. Since they know what they're striving for, people with clear expectations are more likely to produce their finest work. After providing directions, managers should take a step back and let the employee handle it.


As you can see, we’ve mentioned a few of the major reasons behind people quitting their jobs. As an employee, you should consider essential factors such as lifestyle, work attitude, and personality before choosing a career to avoid job-hopping. As a manager, being aware of why people quit their jobs and working to prevent these causes within the organization is highly necessary.

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