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Lauren Carter, the committed leader building a committed community

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

"When people trust their leaders it builds a committed community "

Lauren Carter

Being committed to the community is a decision of leaders to use their power, influence, and personal involvement to ensure that their community receives the visibility, leadership, resources, and ongoing support that is required. It is, in the broadest sense, a determined mindset to serve the constituents with excellence.

This type of leadership also includes civic and community leaders at all levels of society: private sector and business leaders, religious leaders, directors of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), leaders in education, the armed services, and others. Perhaps a useful way to think of leadership is on a national level which not only includes the handful of the most powerful people running a country, but also the thousands of influential individuals running all levels of the government and the institutions of a country. Regardless of one’s title or position, the question should be asked, “Does having a position of leadership equate to community commitment? What about leaders who are in office because they have another agenda?” Lauren Carter, Democrat running for Mount Vernon City Council, believes that when people trust their leaders who are committed, it builds a committed community.

“Having a servant mindset means that one will do everything possible to ensure that all stakeholders of the community- residents, homeowners, business owners, faith-based organizations, not for profit, institutions- have a seat at the table and are being serviced. It also means being honest, having integrity, and getting the job done. This is what commitment to the community is to me.”

Having community commitment also denotes having the trust of the people being served. Lauren states that malfeasance caused by past leaders is upsetting.

“Certainly, a lot of people are disillusioned because of the leadership the city has had over the last several years. Some have been involved in corruption, scandals, indicted, and some have been convicted of various crimes. It has led to the skepticism we see in the community today, including those who are not willing to be engaged.”

But Lauren has a proven track record of hard work, ethics, integrity, passion, and service through her previous work to the city.

Apostle Dr. Faith Walters, a popular community member states, “I’ve known Lauren Carter over 6 years. Her work as a former Deputy City Clerk is to be commended. She is dedicated, dependable, and trustworthy. Her hands-on approach is an asset in making sure the Mount Vernon residents' needs are met in a timely manner. Certainly, she will make a difference in our community for many years to come. If elected to the City Council, I have no doubt she will be able to ensure that Mount Vernon will be a city that will go beyond what one can imagine.”

“I try to let the constituency know that the way I have worked in the community for close to three (3) decades will be the same quality service I will offer if elected as councilperson.”

Lauren Carter has been on the campaign trail over the last several months; she has been meeting with constituents to share her plans with the community and to garner support throughout Mount Vernon.

You can contact Lauren Carter at,, or 914-297-8088. For more information about the author and the author’s platform, visit

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