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KEY RESPONSIBILITIES The Chief Program Officer (CPO) oversees all aspects of Green City Force’s Service Corps, Support Services, Career and Alumni Services, and employment initiatives, including through our current social enterprise projects.

The CPO is responsible for proposing and implementing integrated program strategy and design, data design, setting and supporting staff in attaining Program-related metrics and driving towards quality and continuous improvement in the pursuit of our mission.  GCF’s holistic program is rooted in our flagship AmeriCorps program, which enlists young public housing residents aged 18-24 in impactful service on a path to careers. A hallmark of GCF’s success modeling an effective service-to-careers approach is our sectoral employment and training initiatives for program graduates, as well as our fee-for-service-based employer-driven partnerships. Since our founding, GCF has been a constant innovator in the pursuit of making the promise of a green economy real for young adults in public housing, building inroads into fields such as energy efficiency, solar, urban agriculture, composting, building maintenance and operations and green construction.

The CPO is the “drum major” for integrated service delivery and development across our four program departments: Service, Support Services, Career and Alumni Services, and Social enterprise. The CPO leads a team of full-time and part-time staff and contractors as well as social work interns, who manage an annual service corps of 100-150 projected members annually with 50-75 members at a time during the year as well as 500 alumni. The CPO reports to the Executive Director and is a member of the GCF Executive Leadership Team. The CPO works closely with GCF strategic and city agency program partners as well as the Program Committee which includes a number of GCF board members. Our strategic partnerships for program span multiple departments at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), the City of New York, NYSERDA, as well as leading sectoral employers and nonprofits large and small.

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