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Veteran Alcohol & Drug Rehab A New Approach Treating Military Trauma & Addiction

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Process what you’ve been through with someone that understands what it means to serve and knows how to live in peace after seeing the horrors that go on in this world.

Why choose a specialized military program?

Veterans are a special breed. We’re driven to do extraordinary things in incredibly stressful situations because we’re passionate about doing what most aren’t willing to do: protect and serve at all costs.

We're exposed to trauma others can't fathom.

We push ourselves beyond traditional limits and put our minds at risk. The physical and emotional demands of combat change us forever. At a very core level, we are different. We respond by selflessly grinding to the next deployment with little regard for how our experiences are affecting us. Inaction is not an option.

Many times, we don’t feel the effects of a career full of trauma until it’s over. Suicide and addiction occur at staggering rates. On average, 20 veterans die by suicide every day. The cause is two-fold – a stigma that keeps many from seeking help, coupled with the inability to appropriately treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Traditional programs don't understand.

Most clinicians don’t understand the culture of those who have lived for months and years out on the battlefield. The directors of our military program entered this field with a passion to close the gap between traditional treatment and the veteran story in a way that they never experienced in their own PTSD treatment.

The Process It's not like other veteran rehabs.

Medical Detox & Medications

  • The first step is getting drugs and alcohol out of your body to stop the physical dependence. Don’t worry, it’s not like doing it on your own.

  • Then, medications can help rebalance your brain at the chemical level – whether it’s an anti-cravings like Vivitrol for addiction or treating an underlying issue like an antidepressant.

Trauma Therapy

  • PTSD is treated with exposure therapy. You reprocess traumatic memories in a controlled environment to change the feelings attached to these memories and reduce their power.

  • We’re the only rehab in the country testing virtual reality exposure therapy. VR technology vividly re-creates the traumatic experiences so you can reposition those memories.

Group Therapy

  • An important benefit of a military program is being surrounded by people that understand your experiences. It allows you to open up, feel understood and take the advice seriously.

  • You need to feel understood, to remember you’re not alone. All of us come back with issues. And, it might not be related to the killing part. For me, it wasn’t. That was my job. It was all the other stuff I saw.

Whatever Else Is Needed

  • Even though we’re all veterans, we have different underlying triggers and issues.

  • Some need couples counseling, others need career counseling to reintegrate back into civilian life.

  • We do what it takes to get you well.

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