What makes J’can coffee so perfect?

Coffee beans at the ready...

The Ministry of Tourism in partnership with the Tourism Linkages Network and the Tourism Enhancement Fund ensured the ultimate virtual coffee experience went off without a hitch.

During the Wake Up with Coffee-themed morning session, host Terri-Karelle Reid interviewed Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Orator Alton Bedward about J’can coffee.

Viewers got the lowdown on what makes J’can coffee the best in the world.

Reid and Bedward talk coffee in the Wake up with Coffee-themed conversation.

After choosing beans over instant coffee, Bedward detailed the intricacies of the world most cherished fruit.

The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is unique – its incredible, the way nature has created the perfect growing conditions in Jamaica for the fruit.

Here are some reasons why our coffee is ranked among the best in the world…

1 Coffee is indigenous to Africa and was domesticated in Ethiopia between the fifth and ninth century AD.

2 There are two main species of coffee grown globally: the Arabica and the Robusta. All Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown from the Arabica species.

Most coffee trees planted today are descendants of the original trees. It is believed that between 1721 and 1728, Governor Lawes imported the Arabica plant from Martinique, where coffee was first introduced into the Caribbean.

3 Jamaica lies within the coffee belt at 23.5° north and south of the equator, therefore allowing for favourable and specific growing conditions that are embedded in the cool Jamaican Blue Mountains.

4 The intricate coffee processes – that has been practised for centuries – lend to the consistency in production and flavour.

This includes the washing method that demands workers select coffee cherries only when they’re mature; farmers select the best fruits, and the processing from harvest to export is typically within a five-month period.

5 ‘Luckily’, Bedward says, the Blue Mountain range of Jamaica is volcanic and it is also geologically the oldest/highest point of our island, which makes it perfect for the Arabica plant to thrive.

6 The temperature variations during the daytime in terms of very hot mornings, cool afternoons, warm evenings, and the typical -20° temperature in the evenings are all contributors to the formulation of the perfect Blue Mountain coffee.

Source: loopjamaica.com

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